I believe Heaven holds beauty unlike never seen

With mountains so high and the grass so green

Where families rejoin and good times they'll recall

And our reasons for faith will be shown to us all

Where wrongs done on earth they will be made right

And problems we've dealt with will all seem so trite

Where those in wheelchairs will stand up and walk

And those without speech in one voice we will talk

It's a place with no difference of color or race

And of crime like on earth there'll be not a trace

There's no reason for hatred for no one is unkind

For it's love and goodness is what we will find

There'll be no need for money or reasons for greed

Once we enter God's Kingdom we'll find all we need

Where we'll see Angels walking a stairway of gold

To the place of the treasure that Heaven holds

For it's here we'll find seated all God's greatest men

With our beloved Blessed Mother together again

And through God's tender grace and in his Holy Son

Together in spirit we will all be made one

And as choirs upon choirs in harmony sing

We'll be embraced by Christ Jesus

Our Savior, and King

[ Tom Quintana -- from 'TPS' ]


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