Heavenly Reunion

She stands at the gate in all her glory,
Waiting for her firstborn son.
The angels are bringing him home to heaven;
His journey on earth at last is done.

She carefully looks at each new arrival,
Hoping to see his familiar face.
She "feels" his presence as he's ushered forward;
They greet each other with an embrace.

"It's been too long, Son, since I've seen you--
With our health failing in the final years;
But here in heaven it's just as promised--
There's no illness, sorrow, pain or tears."

"I have only been here for a moment.
Or maybe it just seems that way.
It's hard to tell when you live in heaven,
Where a thousand years seems like a day."

"Let me show you around this beautiful city!"
He looks at her and gives a nod.
"There's lots to do while we wait for the others.
But first of all, let's go see God."

They walk hand in hand down the golden sidewalk,
That mother and her firstborn son.
And together they'll welcome each one of us,
When our journey on earth at last is done.

*In loving memory of Ala Long, whose journey
ended June 19,1998, and Alvin Long (my Dad),
who joined her on January 16, 1999.

[ by: Lori Vannette (mealz@decaturnet.com) -- from '2TheHeart' ]


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