Man and woman sitting on the beach, looking at a Heavenly heart-shapped cloud.

Heavens Valentine

One day on a hill long ago;
Within your design.
You gave us a precious gift;
Heavens Valentine.

Oh Lord, thank-you for caring;
Thank-you for your love.
Thank-you for your salvation;
Your heart from above.

The most beautiful valentine;
Was written in red.
A selfless act of mercy;
And thorns on your head.

In great love you gave your life;
So that we could live.
In great love you sacrificed;
So that we could give.

Without your love and your grace;
Oh, where would I be.
Drowning in a pit of sin;
But you rescued me.

You reached down in pure love;
Because you are kind.
You are precious, you are true;
Heavens Valentine.

Your love has lifted many;
From the pits of hell.
Your grace has soothed the wounded;
Yet no words can tell.

You reached down in pure love;
Because you are kind.
There is no one as loving;
Heavens Valentine.

~ Susan Y Nikitenko ~
Copyright © 2012
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Susan Y Nikitenko, Copyright © 2012 ( ) -- from: Susan Y Nikitenko ]

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