Young woman looking at a fork in the path, and wondering which way to go.
Let God help you choose the right path.

Help Me

As I awake help me dear Lord I pray,
It's time to battle another day.
The pain is already rushing in,
I don't know where I should begin.

Sometimes it gets hard to keep doing what's right,
People are filled with malice and strife.
Time grows short and the path gets longer,
Lord only you can make me stronger.

My desire is to be in the center of your will.
All your desires help me fulfill.
Lord sweep my heart clean and purify,
Help me live a Christ filled life.

I want to be more open to receiving your help,
Help me depend on you not myself.
Your wisdom and strength are much greater than mine,
What a privilege to depend on your guidance strength and comfort all the time.

Thank you Lord for loving and promising to be with me,
Now the path ahead is clear and I can see.
I thank you I don't have to face this life alone,
Lord with your guidance and strength I will march on.

~ Patty Faye Locklear ~
Copyright © 2013
All Right Reserved
[ by: Patty F. Locklear, Copyright © 2013, ( ) -- submitted by: Patty Locklear ]

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