Help Me to Remember to Forgive

This poem is written from the perspective of a Christian,
who knows that Jesus Christ is her Savior!

          When someone hurts my feelings
          And sometimes makes me cry,
          I tell myself "Just forgive."
          And then I really try!

          But hurts can sometimes linger.
          No matter what we say.
          Another day still passes.
          And I neglect to pray!

          My hurt feelings begin to swell.
          I can tell my heart gets colder, too.
          But still I refuse to kneel and pray.
          I'd feel so much better if I talked to You!

          Dear Lord, I so much need You then!
          And I love You so very much.
          Come and comfort me with love,
          And let me feel Your tender touch!

          Your tenderness and love soothes my soul.
          As I fall to my knees in prayer.
          It washes my heart and makes me feel,
          Like Spring, when a rainstorm clears the air!

          There's so little time left, Lord.
          Don't let me waste it feeling blue.
          Help me to remember to forgive,
          For I want to be more like You!

          Lord, it's wonderful to know,
          One touch from You can stop my pain.
          Your love can make me feel,
          That I am fresh and clean again!

~ Dot Wilson ~

[ by Dot Wilson © 2003 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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