American Flag.


          A child stood proudly on the stage
          Beneath the summer sun
          The boy had finally come of age
          His childhood was done
          He held the future near his heart
          With one goal in his mind
          And with that goal, he’d play a part
          In bettering mankind.

          He’d heard the stories in his youth
          Of how battles were waged
          In the pursuit of peace and truth
          When world corruption raged
          He knew that heroes lived and died
          He understood the price
          And with that knowledge, at his side
          The boy did not think twice.

          His family kept him secure
          Throughout his younger years
          He knew the pain one could endure
          The hardships and the tears
          When he looked back upon the past
          Each memory at his door
          Had proved calm days were meant to last
          Whate’er life held in store.

          The boy enlisted, after dawn
          He did not bat an eye
          He greeted the flag o’er his lawn
          As his parents stood by
          Then, the boy who, not long before
          Became a man and smiled
          Flew overseas to fight a war
          With the heart of a child.

          I will never forget the day
          When I received the word
          The child I knew had passed away –
          I asked what had occurred
          From what his comrades had surmised
          My friend had saved another
          And, I am not one bit surprised
          He chose to spare a brother.

          He always went into harm’s way
          Uncertain what he’d find
          To be sure things appeared okay
          For his friends, left behind
          In life, he was a tender soul
          Who gave more than he sought
          His selfless nature made him whole
          And this was how he fought.

          A child stood proudly on the stage
          Beneath the summer sun
          And eulogized the boy of age
          Whose life had just begun
          The boy had saved another man
          His doubts had equaled zero –
          A soldier following God’s plan
          He left this world, a hero.

~ Jill Eisnaugle ~

Copyright © 2007
All Rights Reserved
Jill Eisnaugle's Poetry Collection

[ By: Jill Eisnaugle Copyright © 2007 ( -- submitted by: Jill Eisnaugle ]


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