Hidden Realm

There is a realm of plenty
I'd like to take you there
It's not recognized by many
As a utopian atmosphere

Though it is not paradise
It's very close my friend
It's a haven for the wise
An ideal that will not end

In this place is unmarred beauty
All desire is pure and true
Not because it is a duty
But because it pleases you

You'll enjoy a calm assurance
That you never had before
While in each and every stance
Your footing will be sure

There is pleasure to be had
Guileless love and romance
Many things to keep you glad
Making merry song and dance

In this place is understanding
It's a place one can stand tall
Where no cause is so demanding
That it pressures one to fall

You ask Where is this place
I want to visit there
It's in every person in whose heart
God has the main share.

[ Eileen T. Waldron © 2000 -- from 'Themestream' ]


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