His Alone

          . . . that's all I want to be.
          His alone, is the face I want to see.

          When my world grew cold and
          fears began to grasp my heart . . .
          I knew I was at a crossroads,
          which way to turn? How do I start?

          Oh, yes, I knew of Jesus for I had heard . . .
          the stories of his unfailing love
          and His precious, priceless Word.

          But when my life took unexpected turns . . .
          instead of reaching for His face,
          I failed the test. I did not lean
          into His arms of grace.

          The winds grew cold, my garments torn
          from battles with this earth.
          I still refused to accept this gift
          . . . for its everlasting worth.

          Bent and bleeding, shivering cold . . .
          life had left me broken and alone.
          When deep inside, a voice did call,
          "Come home, my child. Come home."

          Me? Could He be calling me?
          With all my pain and guilt?
          I'd turned away so many times . . .
          So many walls I'd built.

          "Come home, my child. Come home," he said,
          reaching out his hands
          the very ones
          that for me had bled.

          I had stumbled.
          I'd done so much wrong . . .
          How could I go to Him?
          Would He take me after oh so long?

          My answer quickly came, when I simply turned His way.
          Looked into His eyes and saw no blame,
          He took all my guilt and pain away.

          It didn't matter what I'd done,
          nor how many times I'd run
          Because always there within my reach,
          was God's all forgiving Son.

          Are you like me? Are you building walls?
          What are you running from?
          I've been there . . . and I've been here,
          and now the battle's won.

          Take a moment, listen to His voice
          . . . it's the one you're yearning for.
          Take His hand and let Him lead you
          through that everlasting door.
          And you'll be, His alone . . . .
          that's all you'll want to be.
          His alone is the face you'll want to see.

[ Misty Taggart © 2000, 2001 -- from 'Guidewords' ]


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