His Baby

      It was his pride and joy; it was his passion so to speak.
      He worked so hard to recondition it from week to week.
      A chevy that came out, back in the year of fifty-seven,
      And when he was behind the wheel, he felt like it was heaven.

      He had a work car that he drove and his wife had a van.
      The chevy was a toy for him, so you must understand.
      He only drove it just for fun on weekends to the show,
      Where other car guys gather with the people that they know.

      He loved that fifty-seven, some would think he was obsessed,
      And sometimes, his own wife would think he loved that damn car best.
      He told her in emergencies, that she could drive the car.
      He told her, "Keys are in the kitchen, you know where they are."

      He told her, "If you ever need it, do not hesitate,"
      But she never wanted that to happen, she just might temp fate.
      She knew he loved that car and she could not drive it relaxed.
      She thought he would be so enraged, if ever it was scratched.

      But just as fate would have it, her van was in for repair.
      Her husband was at work with just the chevy sitting there.
      The nurse that worked at her son's school had called just after noon,
      And told her that her son was sick, please come and get him soon.

      So this was the emergency that finally had arrived.
      She had to take the chevy, there was nothing to decide.
      Anyway, the school was just a mile or so away,
      And there wasn't too much traffic at this hour of the day.

      A block from home it happened, as it had to be her luck.
      She never saw them coming, in the rusty pickup truck.
      She was sitting at a light just staring at the dash.
      The brakes failed on the truck, that caused the sudden rear end crash.

      The people in the pickup truck had smashed into her rear.
      No one was hurt, just shaken up, but damage was severe.
      The chevy took the brunt of it, more damaged than the truck,
      And she escaped without a scratch, but now was shaken up.

      The cops were quick upon the scene, they had been very near,
      But as she saw her husband's car, her eyes began to tear.
      So thankful she had not been hurt or what it may have been.
      Her thoughts now running rampant, as she's thinking now of him.

      She thinks how upset he will be and now her heart is heavy.
      All the hours he has worked to recreate this chevy.
      All the time and all the money that her husband spent,
      And he had brought this fifty-seven chevy back to mint.

      With tears still rolling down her face, she knew he had worked hard.
      The officer said, "Would you please get me your insurance card?"
      Reaching in the glove box for the little plastic tote,
      She opened it to find the card and found a little note.

      She wondered what it was, as she began to slowly read.
      It started, "If you find this note I know just what you need."
      "You need the agents number and the proof of coverage,
      And now you've had an accident, so this is what I did."

      "I knew that if you read this something's happened to the car,
      And you are thinking only of me, that is how you are."
      "You think that I will be upset and you are crying now,
      And you will have to tell me and you worry about 'how'?"

      "But sweetheart please don't worry it is just another car."
      "My main concern is you're all right and I pray that you are."
      "I can get another car whenever I want to,
      But....I know that I could never find another one like you."

      "You are my pride, you are my joy, the center of my life."
      "This is just a hunk of steel, my love is for my wife."
      "So take care of this accident and do what you must do,
      And give the car no thought at all, remember I love you!"

[ by James A. Kisner © 1999 (PoppyK1@aol.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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