His Church Shall Stand!

        In an unbroken line come the weary and lost,
        as they're drawn to the Lord in their need;
        He brings them in answer to the prayers of His saints,
        who bow to their Savior as they plead.
        For many long years, their assignment has been
        the Lord's great commission to fulfill;
        Their faithful intercession rings out day by day
        as they strive to perform their Lord's will.
        This church that was founded on Jesus Christ, the Rock,
        has been battered and bruised through the years;
        Still, her undying love and desire to serve God
        has sustained her through trials and through tears.
        And God in His mercy has kept her secure,
        as He's held the church safely in His hand.
        Until He calls her home by His sovereign grace,
        He will empower her -- 
                                       and His church shall stand!

~ Connie Faust ~

[ by: Connie Faust, Copyright © 2007 (beracah@evenlink.com) -- submitted by: Connie Faust ]


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