His Kingdom in You, Abounds

          The Lord asked, "Why are you crying?"
          I said, "I do not know."
          He took my hand in His,
          and together we did go.

          We walked into a meadow,
          with flowers everywhere,
          and He asked, "What do you see?"
          I said, "Such colors, everywhere."

          We continued on our way,
          and stood so very near,
          a stream of crystal waters,
          and He asked "What do you hear?"

          I listened very closely,
          and not before too long,
          I heard a gentle melody.
          I heard the water's song.

          He took my hand in His,
          and led me down a path,
          until we came upon a clearing,
          with children playing in the grass.

          He asked, "What do you see?"
          and I watched the children play.
          I said, "They are happy and full of joy,
          on this beautiful, sunny day."

          The Lord smiled down at me,
          and took me by the hand.
          He led me to a street,
          where I saw a homeless man.

          He asked, "What do you feel?"
          and I thought I saw a tear,
          run down the Lord's gentle face,
          as the stranger sat in fear.

          I said, "I see a man, who
          has no place to live. He's
          hungry and he's scared.
          That's no way to live."

          And again, He took my hand,
          and He led me to my home,
          where He'd found me from the start,
          when I was crying all alone.

          He asked, "Why were you crying?"
          And I didn't know what to say.
          For He'd shown me beauty and life,
          that I'd been blind to on that day.

          He'd also shown me pain,
          of the man who had no home.
          I thought my tears were selfish,
          as I stood in my warm home.

          I got down on my knees,
          and again, began to cry.
          Once again the Lord spoke,
          as He gently asked me "Why?"

          I said, "Dear Lord, forgive me.
          I didn't see the blessings you gave.
          The wonderful things in my life,
          are from You, and I feel ashamed."

          Again, he took my hand,
          and I rose up off the ground.
          He touched my face and said,
          "The Kingdom, in you, abounds."

          And then, He disappeared,
          although I know he was still there.
          As I thought about his words,
          it all became so clear.

          My eyes were dry and clear,
          my heart was bursting with love.
          I heard a noise above me-
          the flutter of a dove.

          I gathered food and clothes,
          and wandered down the path,
          that I'd walked down with the Lord,
          until I reached my place, at last.

          The man looked up at me,
          with eyes full of fear and shame.
          I handed him food and clothes,
          and he asked, "What is your name?"

          I took his hand in mine,
          as he sat upon the ground,
          and I said, "It doesn't matter-
          His Kingdom in you, abounds."

[ by Ellen M. DuBois Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Ellen M. DuBois ]


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