Christ and the 'woman at the well'.

His Refreshing Waters

In His garden I walk
In His presence I rejoice
At His feet I lay where I belong
My Lord is mine and I am His

But slithering and sneaking
Crept evil into my life
He tempted, tossed, crushed and ripped my heart
Abandoned and ashamed was I

My love and joy he snatched
Guilt isolated me
Fear entrapped me
Lost, confused, and burdened was I

My soul thirsted after my Lord
I cried and cried
Longed for the fellowship I once had
Oppressed and suppressed was I

With outstretched arms, love responded
The Lord cleansed me and buried my sins into the deepest sea
He wrapped me with His righteousness
Joyful, happy and transformed was I

The fragrance of His presence, dispelled my every fear
With His nail pierced Hands, He wiped my every tear
Reedemed, renewed and restored am I
At His refreshing waters is where I lie

~ Caroline Naoroji ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Caroline Naoroji, Copyright © 2011 ( ) -- submitted by: Caroline Naoroji ]

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