Holy of Holies

            For you I have waited

            I am so glad that you came

            And I see you have your credentials

            My Blood and My Name

            Come let's just sit here together

            In our heavenly place

            I am longing to hold you

            Feel the warmth of your face

            I created this glory

            With you on my mind

            All the things you desire

            In my presence you'll find

            But head knowledge relationship

            Just will not do

            For I want you to know me

            And I want to know you

            The veil of the temple

            When it rent in two

            Was a picture of my flesh

            Of what I came to do

            I came to tear down walls

            And thoughts that aren't true

            Like the Holy of Holies

            Is just for a few

            The Holy of Holies

            Is not just for some

            The access is wide open

            Whosoever may come

            I want you to know

            I love when you're near

            And you don't have to leave

            You're suppose to dwell here

            ~ Cheryl A. Mariano

[ by: Cheryl A. Mariano, © 2006 (cheryl@dmrkting.com) -- submitted by Cheryl A. Mariano ]


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