I spent each day, just searching,
          For my purpose here in life,
          And still I could not seem to find,
          A reason to survive.

          I struggled through my childhood,
          Without a loyal friend,
          And every single broken heart,
          Just never seemed to mend.

          My parents didnít have the time,
          To tell me that they cared,
          They never came to comfort me,
          Those nights when I was scared.

          They told me I should toughen up,
          Donít cry, and be a man,
          And when my life soon fell apart,
          They couldnít understand.

          I turned to anything I could,
          To bury all my pain,
          And when my glass fell empty,
          Iíd fill it up again.

          And over the years I drifted through,
          Many different towns,
          Longing to find something,
          To turn my life around.

          I spent each night, alone and cold
          Hungry and ashamed,
          Desperate to find shelter,
          From the ugly stares and names

          And as I lay on the concrete steps,
          Of a church, to get some sleep,
          I felt the presence of someone,
          Gently kicking at my feet.

          And as I opened up my eyes
          A stranger stood and smiled
          I brought something for you to drink,
          Youíve been sleeping quite awhile.

          He reached a sturdy hand to me,
          And helped me to my feet,
          I thanked him for his kindness,
          And my heart began to weep.

          This stranger gave me so much more,
          Than a drink to quench my thirst,
          He taught me of compassion,
          And the value of self worth.

          From that day on, I grew to love,
          These concrete steps much more
          For one day as I reached the top,
          I opened up the door.

          I held my tattered hat in hand,
          And searched to find a pew,
          I heard the voice of someone say,
          Thereís a seat right here for you.

          For on that day, my life began
          And I soon would understand,
          That even though I made mistakes,
          I was a worthy man.

          This church became my loyal friend,
          The home I never knew,
          For in this house I found a love,
          That always comforts you.

~ Lisa J Schlitt ©2004 ~
All Rights Reserved 

[ Author: Lisa J Schlitt, Copyright © 2004 (p.schlitt@sympatico.ca) -- submitted by: Lisa J Schlitt ]


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