How can I say thank you?

      How can I say thank you in words to capture it all?

      The moment I saw you, I felt myself fall.

      From our first stolen glance, I knew nothing was chance,

      We were put together in God's loving hands.

      Now I see in you father where once none had been

      And I see in you husband, and lover and friend.

      In our children, I can see you, how beautiful they are!

      With your curly blonde locks, and your eyes like the stars.

      How I prayed for their hearts to be warm like yours, too.

      For their minds to be curious, and plunder-some, too!

      I owe so much to you, and I thank God for your love.

      It might sound cliche, but you're truly sent from above

      It's been through your support that I've manage to be

      All the wonderful things that you say that you see.

      So I'll watch, as you lie there, lost in well- deserved sleep,

      Thinking fondly on the time when our eyes again meet.

      And I'll read you this poem, while I caress your forehead

      And I'll make you some pancakes, and you can eat them in bed!

[ by: Robin Eaton -- submitted by: Robin Eaton ( ]


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