How Much Do You Love Me?

Jesus aked me how much I love Him
So I spread my arms and said this much
I thought that would be everything I can give for Him
And I know he wouldn't ask for much

Sunset of life is now coming on my sight
There's nothing I can do but to hold Him really tight
He said to me that there's nothing to fright
For He will help me with all His might

Now I can see the passage to the door
For me it's another place to soar
Then I realized life is worth living for
Just learn to trust Him and you'll never ask for more

I asked Jesus how much He loves me
He told me to open my heart for me to see
He spread His arms and died for me
How thankful we must be.

- Diorela Marie C.Ambrosio -

[ by: Diorela Marie C.Ambrosio Copyright © 2004 ( -- submitted by: Diorela Ambrosio ]


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