How Precious the Death of His Saints

(from Psalm 116:15)

How precious to God is the death of His saints,
When the time of their lives they depart,
And lay down their lives as they follow His Son
to the abode which came from God's heart.

The toils and trials of life put away,
Like a well marked page in a book,
Enfolded with care and a thanksgiving prayer,
For the pathway of Christ that they took.

God requires that His child, a work worn soul
Leave the useless body behind,
and in the last act of faith of departing this life
arise with pure spirit and mind.

United he will be through all eternity
with goodness, peace, joy and love,
with God in three persons and saints gone before
who will praise and rejoice up above.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- {poem for SkyWriting.Net} ]


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