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How You Use Your Time

It may be later than you think
because you cannot see the clock.
Time continues to move forward
and it never ever stops.

Tomorrow is not promised
either for you or for me.
We may think there's plenty of time
but the clock we cannot see.

Why wait to do tomorrow
what can be done today.
The clock of life is not in view
and time may be slipping away.

We don't how much time we have
to love, to serve and to pray.
So why not make every minute count
and give your best today.

Once time has passed us by
it cannot ever be retrieved.
So let no opportunity be missed,
or it may cause you to grieve.

Only God controls the clock
and He records the time.
But you must account for your life
and I must account for mine.

~ Lenora McWhorter ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Lenora McWhorter, Copyright © 2011 ( mslenora@att.net ) -- submitted by: Lenora McWhorter ]

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