I'm A Winner Either Way!

I believe that Jesus really came,
and died on the cross for you and me.
And I believe that He arose,
So we could live eternally!

Someone said, "It's just a myth.
To make humanity behave.
Don't worry about Heaven or Hell.
After this life, there is only the grave."

They say, "If there really is no Hell,
Tempting things were missed for nothing you see.
No Hell? Then no Heaven, so now--
You're in a grave like me!

But to me, I see it differently~
Love that is mine when I'm in His will.
Gives me joy enough in this life,
No Heaven? Well, I've been happy still!

But my Friend, what if it's me that's right?
But you don't live for God while you're here?
The happiness I feel, just close to Him,
And at least I won't be filled with fear!

So if you believe it's all a myth.
We sure will find out one day.
But the real truth of the matter is --
I'm a winner either way!

[ by Dot Wilson Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by Dot Wilson ]


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