I Am A Child Of God

Since Jesus came into my heart,

His presence I always feel.

He totally changed my outlook on life,

When He marked me with His seal.

I want others to know this feeling,

For it is the greatest "high."

Nothing can ever compare to it,

So I donít even try.

The inner peace that I now have,

I value more highly than gold.

I donít have many material things,

But still I have riches untold.

No closer friend could I possess,

For He never leaves my side.

When daily problems come my way,

Itís Him in whom I confide.

When I came to Godís attention,

My life was filled with mistakes and discord,

His justice couldnít dismiss my sin,

But His mercy was my reward.

When He sacrificed His only Son,

The gates of hell to me were closed.

Instead heavenís gates swung open to me,

When Jesus, the Christ, I chose.

When Jesus became my Savior,

God adopted me as His child.

With the certainty of eternal life,

Oh, it makes this life worthwhile!

Not only did God pardon me,

I can now use the name of His Son.

Whatever I ask in Jesusí name,

God promises it will be done.

I have a place at Godís table.

Jesus reserved my place for free.

One day Iíll join all the others,

Who are saved by grace like me.

A Daily Meditation written by Rev. Russ was my inspiration for this poem.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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