I Am Blessed

Lord, I can never thank You enough,

For all You've done for me.

You blessed me in so many ways,

And some I've yet to see.

All I possess has come from You.

And You continue to bless me each day.

It seems the closer I get to You,

More blessings come my way.

Some blessings that You give me,

Outwardly are not perceived.

But these are much more valuable,

Than others I have received.

When I am blessed with inner peace,

And joy permeates my soul,

When I can live with a future hope,

I treasure these more than gold.

You never withheld Your blessings,

The times I went astray.

You always continued to bless me,

Though I was in sin and far away.

You had to get my attention,

When I was being so unwise.

The fiery trials You put me through,

Were just blessings in disguise.

Thank You for Your compassion,

And Your willingness to forgive,

Thank you for Your blessings,

That You truly love to give.

Emily McAdams

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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