I'm Counting On You

Our beauty comes from,
the fruit that we bear,
which came from a seed,
and God put it there.

It takes some time,
for it to mature,
He sent the showers,
of that I am sure.

When the storms arose,
and the cold wind blew,
It made our heart wonder,
what He was going to do.

We read in the Bible to,
everything there's a season,
but to our natural eyes,
we can't see a reason.

Why all of this trouble,
is coming our way,
we need to remember,
it's not coming to stay.

Our Father God knows,
that He has a plan,
teaching and training,
the heart of a man.

just like the farmer,
planting some seed,
watching and waiting,
knowing the need,

A long time he waits,
for the harvest to come,
reaping and gathering,
so he won't lose none.

Remember my child,
I'm counting on you,
to carry my seed,
and plant not a few,

The blood on your hands,
will prove some day,
you didn't plant my seed,
you threw them away.

let me tell you sir, ma'am,
that you'll give an account,
of everything that you do,
even the smallest, amount.

That is so scary,
cause God is our Judge,
many are so lazy,
they won't even budge.

When Jesus comes back,
yes it will be too late,
to make our wrongs right,
so we can enter the gate.

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2003 (I_Serve_Jesus@webtv.net) -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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