I'm Excited To Tell You

          God is so good to us all of the time,
          even when, the sun doesn't shine.
          When our hearts get all down and out,
          He's right there ready to pull us out.

          We have our highs, and then our lows,
          Even when we cry, our God knows.
          He is aware when things get rough,
          He can tell, when we've had enough.

          Our hearts cry out, for some peace,
          It seems like our troubles never cease,
          The hurrier we go the behinder we get,
          can't seem to get our appointments met,

          Where will we go and what will we do,
          about those bills that are long over due,
          There is an answer to all of these things,
          and oh such peace that Christ brings,
          I'm excited to tell you all about Jesus,
          how He promised never to leave us,
          He's more than a Savior for the soul,
          He owns the silver and the Gold,

          Our Faith and our trust go together,
          It will work for us in any weather,
          The storm and the rain won't stop Him,
          So don't let your faith get so dim.

          Lift up you eyes, look unto the hills,
          it will happen when the Lord wills,
          He has plans to bless your life,
          bringing together husband and wife,

          Helping your children to be good,
          loving their parents, like they should,
          Doing the things you'd like them to,
          respecting the authority you are due.

          Put this together while you meditate,
          All the other things you do can wait,
          Can't you believe God will help you,
          There's not anything He cannot do,
          Just believe, things will fall in place,
          God is full of mercy and full of grace,
          He's the answer to all your problems,
          He's the only one who can solve them.

~ Mary Eldridge ~

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2003 (I_Serve_Jesus@webtv.net) -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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