I Am His

The Lord has set apart the godly for Himself,
What joy that message brings within;
My lover wrest my soul from evil doers,
Washed me clean and put away my sin.

I am my belovedís and He is mine;
He bids me walk with Him alone;
No usurper can appropriate my heart;
The bonds of love secure me to His throne.

No fear assails and overcomes my mind,
For it is His this long night through;
The breaking of eternal dawn shall find
My very life belongs, Dear Lord, to you.

The peace He whispers in my spirit's ear,
Sustains me through trials and troubles fierce;
Shackles fall away betimes,
No sorrows do my lovely armor pierce.

He is doubly worthy of all my love;
No other does in any way compare.
Angels hover near to take me
To our glad reunion in the air.

~ Joyce Guy ~

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- Copyright © 2006 (jguy453@bellsouth.net) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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