I am Jesus ...

          I am Jesus

          and I am your friend.

          I will be here

          for your deepest need.

          When your heart is sad and lonely,

          I will comfort you in your spirit.

          Please call on me,

          for I long to be by your side.

          Do not be ashamed of your tears,

          for I gave them to you

          to release the pain you bottle inside.

          I have given you brothers and sisters

          who love me, and so love you,

          to offer you comfort and strength.

          Your soul longs for rest and peace.

          Do not be afraid to lean on me,

          for I am that rest.

          My arms cradle you in safety,

          and I am the prince of peace.

          You are empty, hungry, searching.

          Feast on my word,

          for it will fill and sustain you.

          Let it guide you in my truth.

          And let me be your shelter

          through every storm.

          For I am Jesus,

          and I am your Savior.

[ By: Lisa Kooper (likooper@aol.com) -- submitted by: Lisa Kooper ]


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