I'm Not Over It Yet

I was all alone
And so afraid,
Before my heart
At the cross I laid.

Each day I cried,
I knew not why.
My life was nothing.
I wanted to die.

One day I heard,
I could be saved from sin.
If Jesus spoke to my heart,
Just ask Him in.

Then when I asked Him in,
He helped me clean up my life.
Now I live for my Jesus.
There's no more such awful strife.

My heart is filled with joy,
And I owe it all to Him.
My life is now worth living.
Things don't always look so grim!

Though it's been many years.
I never shall forget.
What my Savior did for me.
And I'm really not over it yet!

[ by Dot Wilson © 2001 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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