I Am Thankful For...

I'm thankful for God's healing grace,

For being able to seek His face,

For His unconditional love,

That comes so freely from above.

For the spiritual eyes He's given me,

That allows me to clearly see,

The works He does every day,

His awesome and His gentle way.

The blessings He's put in my life,

To rid me of burdens and of strife.

The transformations He's continually doing,

The lives He saves and is pursuing.

For the bondage's He's broken from me,

The feelings of being truly free.

The peace and joy from within,

That comes from walking daily with Him.

*To the Reader: Peace and joy do come from walking daily with our God. He has broken so much off of me, sometimes even things that I don't realize I have. He is gentle and kind though, and everything that He does is for good in the end.

[ (c)Debra Nelson,2000 -- from 'Themestream' ]


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