I Can't Wait!

Oh how I long for the day,
For our Lord Jesus to return.
It will be the happiest day for me,
I will have no more concern.

I can't wait, to see His loving face,
And say to me, "Well done my child."
I'll finally make it to Heaven,
And the feeling, won't be mild.

I will feel nothing but happiness,
And that is hard to picture.
I know I don't deserve Heaven,
But my loving God differ's.

I pray hard that you my friend,
Will plainly see the light.
God is patiently waiting for you,
Pray with all your might.

Just ask the Lord to save your soul,
Ask Him for forgiveness of your sins.
He is waiting with open arms,
And ready to take you in.

- Elaine Ables -

[ by: V. Elaine Ables © 2002 (ElainesSpot@webtv.net) -- submitted by: V. Elaine Ables ]


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