I Feel So Alone

Yes, I have felt these feelings many a times. I doubt that I'd be here today if it weren't for God showing me His love. if you are feeling lonely, just call on God.

I'm sitting here feeling so alone,
Like I haven't a friend to lean on.
I thought many times of ending it all,
So many times I'd trip and fall.

A friend of mine told me today,
All that I need to do is pray.
She said it would ease the pain,
And so much peace I would gain.

I considered what my friend had said,
I prayed to God laying in my bed.
After I prayed I felt such peace,
All my troubles seem to cease.

I never dreamed this could ever be,
That God would love someone like me.
I had a past that was of the devil,
God has brought me to another level.

God can help you just like he did me,
If you call on Him, you will be free.
You'll have no more loneliness and fear,
Now finally, your mind will be clear.

[ by: V. Elaine Ables © 2002 (ElainesSpot@webtv.net) -- submitted by: V. Elaine Ables ]


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