I Have A Friend Now

Lord, can we have a talk?
Or maybe even take a little walk?
I really need a friend today,
My will for living has gone away.

I'm not sure as to where to start,
I'll just tell you what's on my heart.
I know that you'll hear me out,
Not like other's who would only shout.

You see Lord, I feel so all alone,
All I do is cry and moan.
My friends, which weren't many,
Have left me, now I don't have any.

I never knew I could feel so low,
I need to feel your love flow.
Give me a sign that you are here,
Let me hear you whisper in my ear.

As I look toward the sky above,
I ask you Lord to send down your love.
Let me feel your arms around me,
Take me away, and set me free.

I want to go home with you now,
As on my knees I humbly bow.
Lord please come take me home,
So I won't have to no longer roam.

I hear there's no heartache or pain,
This place with you, I now claim.
I'm holding my arms out to you,
I need you to see me through.

As I'm waiting I feel such peace,
And oh the joy, I feel at ease.
I'm waiting Lord for you to take me,
I'm waiting for you to set me free.

I see now what you're saying,
I've been set free, as I was praying.
I know now, I'm not ready to go yet,
I have no reason now to fret.

I have a friend now, who loves me so,
When I want to talk, He won't say no.
He will be there for me everyday,
Right there with me, as I pray.

He won't leave me like the all the rest,
He'll be my friend, He'll be the best.
I don't feel all alone anymore,
By my praying, I opened the door.

By opening this door, Jesus came in,
And my new life, it will begin.
You wouldn't believe the peace inside,
I got this peace when to the Lord I cried.

If you feel like ending it all,
You'll feel peace, if on Jesus you call.
He will ease all of your pain,
And a friend like no other, you will gain.

[ by: V. Elaine Ables © 2002 (ElainesSpot@webtv.net) -- submitted by: V. Elaine Ables ]


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