I Know You Are . . .

          I know You are my Saviour,
          You've set me free from sin and shame.
          But only because I asked You to forgive,
          Will my life never be the same.

          I know You are my Provider,
          And that You will supply my every need;
          But only of my necessity,
          Not my want and not my greed.

          I know You are my Shepherd,
          Who will keep me safe from harm.
          And as long as I choose to follow You,
          You will shelter me 'neath Your arm.

          I know You are my sword and shield,
          And my strong and mighty tower.
          But I need to admit my weakness Lord,
          So You can reveal Your awesome power.

          I know You are my well-spring of joy,
          And You are the source of my peace.
          And as long as I trust in You alone,
          From fear and sorrow You'll bring release.

          I know You are my all in all,
          And I will follow no one but You.
          And as I continue to walk in Your ways,
          I know You'll be just and true.

          I know You are faithful and cannot lie,
          And I can believe all the promises You made.
          So forever I'll put my trust in You.
          And from now on I'll not be afraid.

[ 'Author Unknown to me' -- from 'andychaps_the-funnies' ]


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