I Know You'll Be There

I know You'll be at our table Lord,
As You've always been before,
While we quietly share the thanks,
For family and friends and more.

You will sit among the children,
And bless them with Your grace,
As they look in awesome wonder,
At the sweetness of Your face.

You will help to serve their food,
And help them understand,
That the dinner that's before them,
Was placed there by Your hand.

You'll explain to them why Grandpa,
Is no longer here,
You'll speak to them of heaven,
And remove their lingering fear.

When the dog comes begging,
You'll share a scrap or two,
And when it's time for clearing,
You'll ask what You can do.

The answer will be as always,
Please keep us in Your care,
Help us to walk in Your light,
And remind us You'll be there.

When it's bedtime for the wee ones,
You'll carry them up in Your arms,
Tuck them in and hear their prayers,
And fill them with Your charms.

And when it's time for You to go,
When our table You must leave,
We will thank You again for coming,
And for each blessing we've received.

[ by Bonnie Church ( -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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