I Observe The Sky

I observe the sky, it's aweing wonders,
The clouds, the Sun, it's crashing thunders,
Without a problem I can see,
A bright reflection of glory;

To whom belongs this awesome glory?
A place called Israel begins the story,
With pagan men and sinful folk,
Came the owner, who gave them hope;

The Father came to promise His children,
Salvation cried upon the horizon,
For those who welcomed His holy plan,
The Father welcomes the righteous man;

O Bethlehem, that holy place,
A saviour born, how bright His face,
The mother Mary, espoused to the Father,
Gave birth to the first born; Jesus, rather;

Tearful love our God has shown,
For He did give, His Son, His own,
On a cross was Jesus slain,
To bear the sin by means of pain;

For this my heart burns bright with love,
Soaring high just like a dove,
To Father, Son, let glory be,
And Holy Ghost Eternally;

With open arms, a smiling face,
The Father welcomes the human race,
The veil is gone, our eyes are open,
The answer has come to all our hoping;

~ Br. Andrew-James Clarke ~

[ By: Br. Andrew-James Clarke, © 2005 (endesphere05@aol.com) -- submitted by: Br. Andrew-James Clarke ]


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