I Prayed....

I dedicate this poem for all those that gave their lives for freedom....
          For their souls to keep,
          for all those that weep,
          the families of those who
          are missing, and for those
          who have left us.
          They stand, as a band of
          protection all around us.
          For in God we trust as well
          as our government, united
          we will all stand, undeniably
          Those that sent this dreaded
          evil upon us, will be alone in
          a crowd.
          Don't give up hope, never think
          that it was in vain, all the
          sacrifice, is not lost, and their
          reward will ever be great as they
          step inside that golden gate....

[ Beverly Charlene Meadows (Kingsport, TN) -- submitted by Beverly Charlene Meadows ]


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