I Said A Prayer

I said a prayer for you my friend,
That your struggles would soon end.

That you would feel God's peace with you,
As you trust Him each day through.

I prayed that you would feel His love,
Rain down on you from up above.

I asked Him to take care of you,
Fill you with joy and laughter too.

I prayed that He would let you know,
That He will never let you go.

That He'd pour blessings down on you,
And make your grey skies turn to blue.

I prayed that God would give you rest,
And that He'd answer your request.

I asked the Lord to touch your soul,
Fill you with hope and make you whole.

My friend I prayed that you would feel,
His gentle touch reach down and heal.

I said a prayer for you my friend,
My best wishes to you I send.

[ by: Nancy Burr © 2002 (ndburr@sympatico.ca) -- submitted by Nancy Burr ]


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