I See You Lord

I see You in a morning ray,
just before the break of dawn.
For this is another special day
and it's to You that I'm drawn.

I love spending time with You,
For it gives us time to talk.
When I offer my prayers so true,
You promise to guide my walk.

I see You in the suns radiant glow,
and in the flowers blooming near.
I see You in the waters gentle flow,
and in the songs of the birds I hear.

I saw You many times this day,
for You are everyplace.
You were the smiles today at play,
as the children ran their race.

You were the hand of the kind old man,
who took my arm to cross the street.
You were the kindness from a friend,
who offered to share a breakfast treat.

Your love was with me this day,
As I saw You in so many things.
I'm thankful you came my way;
Oh what a comfort that brings.

No matter where I may roam.
You keep me safe from harm.
You guide my way back home.
I feel so loved and warm.

Its been a wonderful day,
A true blessing to the end.
Thank you Lord, I pray,
"You are my dearest friend."

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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