I Shall Prevail

      Even though I stuggle and have had enough setbacks
              to cause me to shed a tear;
      And even though I face challenges so great, that they
              cause me to tremble with fear.
      At times, I lose faith, and struggle with doubts that
              cause me to believe that I'll fail;
      God reminds me of His love; In Him, I shall prevail.

      I sometimes make poor choices, and do things that
              cause me to wander and lose my way;
      I don't always listen to good advice and when I'm
              stubborn, I begin to stray.
      I might easily throw up my hands in frustration,
              because I think that I will fail;
      But God is faithful; In Him, I shall prevail.

      I will still believe, even though I have struggles
              that at times seem too great to bear;
      I will bow down and cast upon God my every care.
      I have a God, who will strengthen and renew me,
              even when I feel that I might fail;
      I will have faith. I will not give up. For with God's help,
              I shall prevail.

- Michael Carter -

[ by: Michael Carter Copyright © 2004 (mca8562077@aol.com) -- submitted by: Michael Carter ]


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