I thank God For You

          How can I begin to tell you
          How much you really mean to me
          Your endless thoughts of gentleness
          Caught up my heart to thee

          There are times when words aren't enough
          For they are scarce and few
          There are times when I could not make you see
          For what I really wanna say is eternity

          There are times when I wanted
              to wipe those tears away
          Make you understand that I'm here to stay
          There are times when I would want
              to ease your weary heart
          And make you realize that we'll
              never part

          There are times when I wanted to hold your hand
          Make you smile and somehow understand
          That life has many things to offer
          And there are accomplishments that
              needed to be done

          But then I have to tell you
          Once and for all
          That if you need a soul
          I'll be here, I won't make you fall

          For everything that you have done
          I just want you to know
          I thank God for you!

A special poem for my friend who will graduate this Oct 27th as a Computer Engineer - may he glorify Jesus in all the days of his life.... God bless you my dear!

[ Author Unknown -- from 'TPS' ]


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