If I'd had a Daughter

    If I'd had a daughter to lament when I died
    Would she find herself different, and for thirteen years, cried
    Every year on my birthday, would she somehow "lose touch"
    Till the whole world seemed foreign, 'cause she missed me so much.

    If I'd had a daughter to remember my life
    When she thought of her mother, or my role as a wife,
    Would she smile at the memories, or would they make her weep
    Would they fill her with happiness, or rob her of sleep.

    If I'd had a daughter would she call me her friend
    Would she cling to my hand when it came to the end,
    Would she beg God to spare me, would she kneel at His Throne
    And when pleading proved pointless, would her heart turn to stone.

    If I'd had a daughter would I bless her heart so
    That she'd find I'm beside her everywhere that she'd go,
    Every year on my birthday would she find herself blue?
    If I'd had a daughter, with a mother like you.

~ Connie Hinnen Cook ~

"I watch,
and am as a sparrow
alone upon the house top."
(Psalm 102:7 KJV)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook © 2005 (cjcook@mynewroads.com) -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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