If Only We Believe

    Life is but a journey, with lessons to be learned.
    Heaven is our destiny, with rewards that we have earned.
    The blessings here on earth, of which we all receive,
    are but small examples of what s in store for us --
    if only we believe.
    When things don t go the way we think they should  
    and to make things better -- we only wish we could.
    Or we try to change those things like little elves,
    but the only ones we re fooling is ourselves.
    The more we try to get things to go the way we want them to,
    the farther away we get from what God wants us to do.
    It s not so hard to do only good,
    it's the believing that we ve misunderstood.
    To do things that are right, just and pure,  
    when we believe, of that we can be sure.
    Like kids who rebel and fight to be free,  
    free from their parents -- easy enough to see.
    To live their own life and do what they want,  
    to find their own way, the began the great hunt.
    Only then, will they be happy! -- of this they believed,
    but when they achieved it, they had all been deceived.
    They thought they would find it in achievements and big shiny rings,
    but they were always looking in all the wrong things.
    While in their great struggle to find and achieve,  
    They learned how to lie, to cheat and deceive.
    For true happiness they searched, but none could they find.
    For it was only in the loving arms that they had left behind.
    Like parents to their children -- God's love is always there.
    Just ask for forgiveness and you ll lose that great cross that you bare.
    As kids toward their parents -- We looked at God just the same,
    when we finally realized -- we took on great shame.
    With suffering and great sorrow, we knew we were lost.
    We had taken the wrong road and paid a great cost.
     Our trouble was in believing in our own minds, instead of God.
    Thinking we could do it all, down the road we then trod.
    To fill that painful emptiness deep down within our soul,
    God is the only one that can refill that empty hole.
    When we truly believe in God's unconditional love,
    Goodness will come from us, like songs from a dove.
    To get back on the right road is too hard -- as we perceived,
    But it is truly easy -- If only we believe.

~ Janice L. Brewer ~

[ by: Janice L. Brewer, Copyright © 2007 (janicelbrewer@aol.com) -- submitted by: Janice Brewer ]


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