If Only You Could See

        You've lost sight of yourself, but I can still see you....

        Behind your mask of bitterness, I see a gentle soul,
        fighting to regain its composure.

        Under the weight of your burdens, I see strong shoulders,
        bearing life's burdens with incredible fortitude.

        In the midst of your swirling confusion, I see a calm
        center of faith, waiting to be remembered.

        Below the surface of your sadness, I see a spark of joy,
        aching to dance with delight.

        Beneath your tears, I see a smile, longing to crease your
        face and crinkle your eyes.

        I see hope, where you see none.

        When these dark days have passed and you're ready to walk
        in the sunshine once more, I will be waiting with open
        arms - to welcome you back.

[ Terri McPherson © 2001 (tmcphers@mnsi.net) -- from Aiken Drum ]


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