In Full Blossom

Oh, how I love your beauty
my sweet, lovely rose.

No one could deny
the gentleness of your touch,
This I realized once you became mine.

Your quiet strength whispers
with every memory of your love.
Your fragrance fills the air with laughter
like the beauty of a dove.

Oh, how you touched me,
you will always be near.
I will never be the same
this I cherish, there is no fear.

When will you blossom?
Where will you grow?
How will I miss you?
How will I know?

I will never forget the sparkle of your love.
You've touched so many
you've made them glow.
This is how I will know.

Yes, no more thorns
no more tears.
Now blossomed,
you are hidden from the years.

Your beauty has reached
it's fullness
It must be time.

In your lover's hand
you now flow,
like a dancer
free to grow.

Your beloved has called
Who am I to withhold?
It must be His love for you,
so powerful, so divine.

Chosen for your beauty
you will not be denied.
Destined to be His
you will always be mine.

Until the spring,
My sweet lovely rose...


[ by David Naranjo ]


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