In His Presence

I may cry myself to sleep,
and wake up feeling sad.
Things going around in my mind,
and everything seems so bad.

Then if I will only take the time,
to spend some time alone,
talking to my Savior,
He'll tell me what is wrong.

I try to solve my problems
on my own, I hate to say...
Forgetting to ask my Father,
If He will show the way.

I know He will bear my burdens.
He's told me that before.
But I sometimes don't remember,
until I can take no more!

But in His presence I settle down.
In the shelter of His care.
His presence is really all I need,
then I can find Him everywhere!

In His presence I'm satisfied.
My burdens ever lighter.
In His presence I will rest,
My future now looks brighter!

I can face my problems now
with Him always by my side.
Then when death claims my body,
in His presence I will eternally abide!

[ by Dot Wilson © 2002 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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