In Jail With Jesus

            Alone one night
            In shame and dispair;
            Ilooked for my help
            But no one was there.

            No future....but prison
            No past......but pain
            I looked in the mirror
            My tears fled like rain.

            By justice condemend
            My time to die;
            My only help,God's mercy
            For his grace did I cry.

            Then a seed planted
            Somewhere long ago
            In the midst of my sorrow
            Began to grow.

            This seed was christ
            Who died for me;
            In jail with jesus
            I am set free

            No longer in the midst
            Of my sinful ways;
            He's made me a new person
            Who loves and pray's.

            Through seasons come
            And holidays pass;
            In jail with jesus
            My hope does last.

            So I do share
            With you my friend;
            In jail with jesus
            It's not the end

~ Adriene Ambrose ~

[ by: Adriene Ambrose, Copyright © 2006 -- from: Adriene Ambrose ( ]


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