In The Garden Of Your Heart

The seed is the "Word planted," in the garden of your heart,
keep it planted there, don't let it depart.
It will need tending, by the prayers that you pray,
God will send some rain and sunshine your way.

Keep the soil soft by the words that you speak,
the results that you get will be so sweet.
Be watchful for weeds, for they will surely come,
better get rid of them, before you're over-run.

The weeds are trials and tests that we face,
but we can go through with God's mercy and grace.
The Seed will grow and thrive on faith in the Word,
you can read and meditate, and speak what you have heard.

You will be surprised at what faith will do,
that's what please's Jesus, He'll take good care of you.
Faith will make a seed become what it's meant to be,
just keep on believing, and you will soon see.

We have many gifts and treasures, stored inside our hearts,
that's why we need the Seed, 'cause that's how it starts.
Put your trust in Jesus, because He is the Word,
He's still the greatest story that anyone has heard.

- Mary Eldridge -

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2004 ( -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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