In The Garden with a Friend

          I was sitting in the garden,
          Upon a bench of white;
          The dangling dew hung on the leaves
          And I smiled at the sight.
          The birds were chirping a little tune
          To express the joy of spring.
          The squirrels scampered up the tree
          To listen to them sing.
          My hair flew around me
          Bouncing on the breeze.
          It played with the branches
          And scattered pretty leaves.
          I sighted a person.
          She came and sat by me.
          A table was beside the bench
          And she poured two cups of tea.
          She handed over one to me  
          And we sat, silent and still.
          Then I turned with my cup in hand
          And said,  Some cream, if you will?
          We sipped and we whispered
          And we shooed away the flies,
          And I thought it so very nice
          To talk to my friend outside.
          As the dimming sun receded,
          And the birds  songs came to an end,
          I knew the best way to share Creation
          Was with your very best friend.

~ Alyssa Marie Bentham ~

[ by: Alyssa Marie Bentham, Copyright © 2007 ( -- from Alyssa Bentham ]


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