In The Shadow Of Our Lord

Oh, I would love to have been living
when our Lord was here on earth.
Just to have walked behind Him
would have given my soul rebirth.

I try to walk in His Shadow,
of each day that I'm alive.
But, somehow I do stumble
over sins that I contrive.

Oh, why, is it so hard to live
in this old world here below?
We ask our Lord's Forgiveness.
But, it's on the road to hell we go.

God Said, "Listen to My beloved Child.
He'll never let you stray
from the path that leads to heaven.
And, your soul will not decay."

Thank You, Lord, for the Power of prayer.
You ponder each word we think or say.
I can feel Your hand upon my shoulder,
as I walk in Your consoling shadow each day.

[ Leslie M. Willson, Sr. -- from ]


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