Untrimmed palm trees.

Down In The Sunny Southland

Down in the sunny southland
Where flourishing palm trees grow
And sway in the ocean breezes,
Their fronds bend in graceful show.
    Their beauty gets disrupted
    When dead fronds are not lopped off.
    They stifle new growth’s freedom
    And make the scene appear rough.
So in Life:
Many things that have happened
In the days of the long past
“Now over and forgotten?”…no!
They’re replayed, in mind..‘re-cast’.
    To lop off a haunting memory
    And replace with a current event,
    Ask God, He’ll bless daily happenings
    With refreshings from Heaven sent.

~ DelRe ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved

[ by: DelRe, Copyright © 2011 ( 7delre7 at comcast.net ) -- {submitted by: DelRe} ]

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