Index Cards

At nighttime as a child,
when Mom would tuck me in,
she'd have me say some Scripture
that she'd written out in pen.

Found on an index card,
for me to memorize,
she would give me this gift
so I would grow up wise.

I remember being in my blankets,
head resting on my pillow,
saying sleepily the verses
that I had come to know.

Then there was a goodnight kiss,
soft and sweet on my forehead,
and the sound of her slippers
tiptoeing off to her bed.

Now many years later,
with the Word still in my heart,
I am indebted to those index cards
before my sleep would start.

Written in love on a 3 x 5
with a prayer and a pen,
blessing me in my pajamas
as each day came to an end.

[ Cynthia Evans, Copyright © 2002 ( -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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