Inside Out

How can you fall in love so deeply,
On the Internet,
While talking to another person,
You have never met?

How can feelings flow so easy,
Sitting by a screen,
With one you're only talking to,
But you have never seen?

How can you draw so deeply,
From emotions that you hide,
That long ago were buried,
And you covet them inside?

Emotions that you do not share,
Within the world you see.
But, suddenly you meet someone,
Online, that sets them free.

Emotions you've forgotten,
That have not been used for years.
Come bubbling to the surface,
Bringing joy, and sometimes fears.

You love other people,
But this seems so different.
You cannot control it,
And it's nothing to resent.

Sometimes at night, you sit and wonder,
How can this thing be?
How can someone, I've never seen,
Have this effect on me?

What is it, about this love,
That we can't comprehend?
When all we tried to do at first,
Was have a cyber friend.

I've thought about it many times,
And how we make contact.
With other people in the world,
And how we all react.

I realized, that meeting people,
Is a major goal.
And in the world we live in,
It is always physical.

We are all attracted first,
By how they look to you.
You can say, "That's not important,"
But, you know it's true.

That is where it all begins,
They're pleasant to our eyes.
But, soon enough we realize,
That it is a disguise.

Looks are not important,
It won't show a person's heart.
But, that is where we all begin,
It's where we always start.

Now, I know, I understand,
What online love's about.
Online, you get to know the person,
From the Inside... Out.

[ by James A. Kisner © 1998 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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